Saturday, July 7, 2012

Imagine Week! *Louis*

Well, it's the last day of Imagine Week. So I'm posting my favorite one to let it go out with a bang! Enjoy :3

"Life Saver"

A Louis Tomlinson Imagine

Imagine you are at a beach, surfing. You are the only person there. Well, you WERE until five extremely gorgeous guys showed up. You felt like you knew them somehow, but you weren't quite sure.

"Excuse me, gorgeous, but would you by any chance have some extra board wax? I seem to have left mine back at the hotel." You hear one of them say, his voice getting louder as he comes closer. You turn around and see that it's the one with wild hair, and a rather large bum.

"Uh, sure." You hand him the wax, your hands touching as you do so. You stand and wait until he finishes waxing his board, taking his time at giving the wax back to you.

"Do you have a name, gorgeous?" He says, looking into you eyes and flashing a brilliant smile.

"Yeah, (y/n). The real question is, who are you? And by that I mean you and all your friends over there!" You say, motioning to the guys behind him.

"Oh, here, let me introduce you to them." He says, "Lads! Come over here! I want you to meet someone!" Sure enough, four boys run over to where you and the wild-haired boy are standing.

 "This is Liam," he motions to the boy with short, wavy, brown hair and a checkered shirt. "This is Niall." This time his hands move towards the blonde boy who eating chips. "This is Zayn." He points to the tannest one with no shirt on. "This is Harry." He directs your eyes to the boy with messy, curly hair, wearing a pair of floral swimming shorts. "And I, am Louis." He says, bowing and kissing your hand. "Lads, this is (y/n)." You nod at them and smile. 

Gosh, these people are hot. You think.

"Did she not recognize us, Louis? That's kind of strange, being that we're famous and all." The tan kid, Zayn, says while fixing his hair.

"Did you just say famous? I don't believe it. I need to hit the water. Talk to you all later." You say, darting towards the water. 

I know I've seen them somewhere!

"Hey, wait up! Don't start surfing without me!" You hear Louis shout from behind you. Soon you feel someone grab your hand. "I caught up with you... finally!" He says, taking breaths in between words. "Why'd you dart off like that?" 

"I don't do well around people who are hot. And I especially don't do well around people are famous. Who are you guys anyway?" You ask sharply.

"We're One Direction. You didn't know? Oh, and I apologize for Zayn's behavior. He's surprised that somebody doesn't know who we are. We're on the radio a lot, haven't you heard us?" He asks.

"No, I didn't know... I don't listen to the radio that much, I usually just play The Fray CD's." You reply, stricken with awe as you remember why they seemed so familiar. Of course! They're in my little sister's favorite band! How could I have NOT remembered? You think, shaking your head in disbelief.

"Well, I figure you came to surf, as did I. What's about we get to it?" He smiles, and you melt even more.

You and Louis surf for about two hours when he brings up his friends again, "(y/n), when we get done here, me and the lads are going to go grab a bite to eat and then get ready for our show. Would you like to come?" He smiles at you for the fourth time today.

"Sure thing! I'd love to, Louis. I'm done surfing for now, so I'm going to head back to shore, okay?" He nods at you. "Alright then. See you when you get done." You head back to the beach  and decide to talk to the other boys for a little while. Although, your eyes occasionally drift over to Louis, as he messes around in the ocean.

After a little while you hear someone call out your name for help. You look out into the water for Louis, you can't see him, then you hear him yell out your name again. You finally spot him, constantly getting pummeled by the waves. You dive into the water, swimming quickly towards him. When you come up for air you look to see if he's come up, Louis isn't yelling for you anymore. He's floating flat on his stomach, his head in the water, and his board a few feet to his left. Frantically, you swim over to him. You flip him onto his board, getting him to shore in a few agonizing seconds.

You pull him into the sand and proceed to give him CPR. I knew those classes would come in handy.

After about 3 minutes of repeated CPR and mouth-to-mouth, Louis comes to. The boys, who had huddled around as you tried to revive him, ask what happened.

"Well, I was thinking about (y/n), so I didn't see that rock-" he points to a jagged piece of stone sticking out of the water, "-over there. I hit it, was thrown off my board, and landed in the water. I tried to swim back to my board, but the waves kept hitting me. I couldn't stay above long enough to draw in breath. Eventually, I passed out. Lucky guy I am, I woke up to a beauty kissing me." He winks at you, causing you to turn red. "Thanks, (y/n). You're a lifesaver." 

Later, you went to dinner with all of them, and went to their concert not long afterwards.

Louis had given you a front row, center seat ticket. During the songs "More Than This," "Moments," and "Gotta Be You," Louis points at you, winks, and smiles. So many of the tweens that are around you start to squeal, maybe they think it's them he's looking at. After the boys sing their last song onstage, a member of security comes over to you.

"Were you the girl that saved Mr. Tomlinson today, at the beach?" He asks, and you nod shyly. "Please come with me. He has requested for you to come backstage." You follow the man with no questions asked. He stops in front of a dressing room, Louis name is printed neatly in gold letters on it. "He'll be here shortly." The man says as he shuts the door.

You walk around the room, soon coming across a tall mirror. You study your reflection closely. What am I doing here? I look so out of place.. You're standing there, looking at the clothes you picked out to wear.
^What you're wearing.^

While you're lost in your thoughts, Louis walks in. 

"Wow, babe, you look amazing. How'd you enjoy the concert?" He asks while looking at your image in the mirror.

"Thank you, Louis. I loved the concert, thanks so much for inviting me." You turn around and give him a hug. 

"No, I should be the one thanking you! Being you saved my life and all.." He almost whispers, a light blush spreading across his cheeks, "Come with me! I want to show you something, I know you'll love it." He grabs your hand, pulling you with him.

"Boo bear! Where are you going?" Harry calls out, waving his arms around as if the thought of losing Louis for the afternoon was unbearable to him.

"Somewhere! Don't worry pumpkin, I'll be back in a little while!" Louis yells in response, his voice equally as loud as Harry's.

He leads you all the way up to the roof. When you are up there, you notice a few candles in Louis' other hand. He walks over to the edge but stops about 5 feet away, sits down, and begins to light the candles. "Care to sit with me?" You sit on your knees next to him, watching as he places the candles in the shape of a heart.

"What's all this for Louis?" You're a bit confused as to why he's being so romantic, even though you only met a few hours ago.

"Well, (y/n), when I met you, I really thought that we'd end up together. And frankly, we've already kissed, so I figured we should get to know each other and hang out some more.." Even in the candlelight you can see his face turn dark rosy color.

"Louis, I'd love to. Here's my number, text or call me whenever, I'll be sure to save you as Boo bear for Harry." You wink at him, feeling your face get hot. 

"And I'll be sure to save you as Life Saver for me." He says. You both start to laugh. "Well, I'm sure its about the time for me to go get in the van and head back to my hotel. Bye (y/n), I'll text you as much as I possibly can!" 

You both blow out the candles, deciding to leave them there. He stands up, grabs your hand, and helps you to your feet. Once you are up, he leans in and kisses you on the cheek. 

You both walk back downstairs, hand in hand, and blushing like mad.


In all honesty though, which one of the Imagines are your favorite? 
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Written by StuckOnStyles
Edited by Nialler's Girl